Saturday, 13 September 2008

Best SIM card deal bar none !

I'm pretty impressed at what my little phone can do...

But sending pictures to Blogger and Facebook; surfing the net and streaming internet radio runs up a HUGE data bill each month (!).

Then I found this from O2

£20 a month gives me:

600 minutes talk time (mobile & land line)
1000 texts / MMS
Unlimited web browsing / download / upload
Discounted international phone and txt rates
Free voice mail

And there is no tie in, you can end it when ever you like.

So far this month I have saved £18 over what my old Virgin bill would have been.

Plus I get a better phone reception (it even works in Sainsburys!).

All in all... well chuffed, the deal runs out at the end of September .... if you have an unlocked phone / no contract you cant find a better deal (I know.. I looked !).

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