Sunday, 10 August 2008

Flyball at Underriver

(Probably Muttley's last "Starter" race, if he attends the BFA Championships he will earn a promotion to "Fly Ball Dog" and will no longer be considered a "Starter").

This was a small event, but that made the day all the more special.

The venue was in field surrounded by a sea of green... good food was being served along with real coffee (no instant stuff !).

Muttley was in a team that set a new personal best time of 22.93 seconds... and we thought 23.11 would never be beat ! (having said that there were new dogs on the team... the other two regulars who Muttley normally runs with joined a team that did a 21.15 ! ... thats a very fast time!).

The fast team waiting to race !

We did actually loose every race tho... so no placing this time ... we got totally stuffed by the other four teams .. and this was just a "starters" group !.

Everyone was really friendly and Muttley, Haydon and I had a great time... the sun shone all day...

Then we drive back home and it's raining in Winnersh.... great... just great !

Muttley chilling

Humans chilling

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