Thursday, 21 August 2008

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Muttley as a puppy !

Sorry about the rubbish quality, this was the best video capture my phone could do three years ago....

Muttley is about 5 months old here ... it was the first time we left him alone not in a cage.

(BTW... both curtains had also been pulled off the curtain rail !)

Friday, 15 August 2008

Race 4 & 5

Race 4 won, race 5 lost... 5th overall... Terrible!.
Still, Muttley had fun!

Break time

Team 2 running now, won 3 - 0!

Race 3

Lost 3 - 1 to Yorkshire Rockets

Race 2

Lost 2 - 3 to the Dolphins

Race 1

Lost 3 - 1 to Fourpaws Running

Waiting to race

At least the sun is out!

Made it!

Clear run and the sun is out!

5.30am wake up call

Quick walk so Muttley can 'lighten the load' then home to get Haydon.

Need to leave by 6.30 and get some petrol.

Should be at the race near Coventry by 8ish traffic permitting.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Flyball at Underriver

(Probably Muttley's last "Starter" race, if he attends the BFA Championships he will earn a promotion to "Fly Ball Dog" and will no longer be considered a "Starter").

This was a small event, but that made the day all the more special.

The venue was in field surrounded by a sea of green... good food was being served along with real coffee (no instant stuff !).

Muttley was in a team that set a new personal best time of 22.93 seconds... and we thought 23.11 would never be beat ! (having said that there were new dogs on the team... the other two regulars who Muttley normally runs with joined a team that did a 21.15 ! ... thats a very fast time!).

The fast team waiting to race !

We did actually loose every race tho... so no placing this time ... we got totally stuffed by the other four teams .. and this was just a "starters" group !.

Everyone was really friendly and Muttley, Haydon and I had a great time... the sun shone all day...

Then we drive back home and it's raining in Winnersh.... great... just great !

Muttley chilling

Humans chilling

Flyball kids!

Haydon and co. .busy helping at flyball... Not!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

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