Saturday, 15 March 2008

Its been a...

A bedroom for Jade
A bedroom for Haydon
A dining room

But now its my xbox room... sorry, I mean office !.

Its still work in progress... so needs a clean, floor needs a mop, more paint needs to go on the walls... but you get the idea.

The desk, shelves and white board were from eBay... excellent bargains, did the whole room for under £150 including paint and white board.

Had a mare with the TV placement ... to stick it in the corner would have cost a fortune in extra long cables... so it's next to the xbox and Mac again... which turns out to be handy for two player gaming and keeping it out of view by passers by.

I'll be swapping it for a 32" TV once the extension is done.

Its amazing how camera's cannot cope with the red colour... my 360 webcam is totally phased by it... all the pictures I send come out fuzzy... I might have to paint the wall it points at a cream colour one day...

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