Wednesday, 10 December 2008

In my park today...

... brand new sign, read point 4 (just don't tell Muttley!) lol!

Brick Dust ... soooo much of it!

Dust is even in the closed cupboards ! ... I'm sure it's making Claire & I cough ..

Anyway... kitchen wall came down yesterday while I was in Scotland.

We now have no sink, dishwasher or washing machine... back to the laundrette for the next few weeks !

Next big job is the new boiler going in on Saturday.

Monday, 8 December 2008

House update

Doors on the back.

Drive way minus trench !.

Soon to be gone Gas Meter (yay !... after all these years !).

Kitchen turned up (double cooker's glass door got smashed in transit, waiting for a new one to turn up).

Windows outs, one now a wall !.

No way will this be ready by Christmas ... lol !
Fingers crossed the radiators will be in and the heating on when my parents turn up ! (even if the flor will be just concrete screed !).

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Claire takes some pictures with her mobile phone...

Cracker in a cold field

Tied to the horse box.

Some of Jade and Tizzy in a ford...

Cracker hears an Ice Cream van :-)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Tv, Internet, Tv, Phone....

The order in which the builders have cut off our Virgin Media services over the last few days !.

Cables and diggers do not mix :-) ... still no phone at the moment but that should be sorted in the next 24hrs.

So... the latest updates ... hmmmm... where to start !

Corgi gas man came out... took one look at the gas and water pipes... they are old and too small for modern day gas boilers!... means we need a new water pipe laid from the stop cock and new gas pipe from the gas meter.

So... the "Nice to have drive" is now going to have to happen ... we can't afford hard standing but large pea shingle will do for a few years !.

Here is our water pipe trench (this is where our cable service also got cut off).

And new pipe work in the bathroom... its all gonna cost !... I knew I should have kept some spare wall tiles !.

Other shots...

Garden... sort of coming along ... might be a bit cold for turf now though....

Some doors in at the back of the house...

Pictures of the new "living area" (it's soooo small gahhh ! should have gone 13' not 10' out the back !)...

Dining room....

Dark utility area !...

Boiler turns up on Friday (fingers crossed ... I decided to save £300 quid by ordering it myself... if it turns up late I will have workers sat round doing bugger all... talk about stress !).

Kitchen turns up Monday.

No idea when the electrician turns up ! (It's the same guy who wired our loft conversion ... so we know he is good !... (Totally unplanned that one !)).

Walls start coming down on Monday too...brrr... could be cold for a few days!.

Still.... means take away meals for a few days !

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Cannot move our old electric meter in the kitchen... fingers crossed Souther Electric and swap it for a smaller modern one and push it up to the ceiling so it's out of our line of sight when we walk into the kitchen.

Time to fill in the paper work !

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Roof next

Pre roof...

Working on roof... taken a week so far !

Walls going up...

Wet wet wet ...

Bit higher... Note the tiny gap :-(

Trade entrance !

Extension... slowly going up

Drain the rain water and pour in the cement footings.

Build a small wall and get the steel reinforced cement down.

Friday, 24 October 2008

School photo's

This is the reason why we don't have pictures of the kids together ... the photographer gave up in the end.

Jade said "I have never been so embarrassed in all my life" :-)

Friday, 17 October 2008

Got to love the Pru... for them over 21 years; insure my house and contents through them for at least 17 years.

So today they up my premium by £220 ...why?, well, it's because I now work for Capita, even though i'm in the same Pru building, sat at the same Pru desk and doing the same Pru work.... nice touch.

One phone call to Churchill ended up getting me exactly the same terms but for £30 less than I paid last year (guess which insurer Churchill use for house and contents ... yep, the Pru !).

* sigh *

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Starting the extension...

1) Step one... get your builders to accidentally knock down the neighbours fence with their digger (ops!)

2) Dig a trench in the wet soil (this one is fine).

3) Watch the wet soil collapse into the hole resulting in a trench full of water and three times wider than it should be !.

4) Get rid of all the holes in the lawn (Yay !)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Counting BFA points

Hmmm... so much for hitting 200 points in 2008 :-(

Monday, 22 September 2008

Most usless bus sign in the world

This is from my 190 Beeline bus stop.

Not only is the time 20 minutes slow, the message never changes and there is no bus time table to check... Fecking rubbish!.

Friday, 19 September 2008


...flat work training by Lorna...

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