Monday, 29 October 2007

Cooking comp... on the day...

After borrowing two cake tins from the Mother in Law I cradled my precious cargo close to my bosom on the bus journey into work, just like a mother cradling her first born child (after that you get a bit more blasé !)

Once there I had the long wait for judging at 1:30pm, as a bit of change to normal I did some work to pass the time.

So, who else was I up against?.... there were seven others... below are some pics !

Carol... My Boss....

Martin... cheated, his wife made the figures.. dont worry, he burnt his cookies :-)

Mark ... bit dry... and the cookies (ooo meow !)

Alan ... pretty rubbish (im such a cat !)

Andy W.. look basic but tasted yum !... had smarties hidden away inside ...

Duncan, sits near me, a mix of ginger and coconut, odd but very moreish .. and very well turned out...

Sharri ... the winner of the scone competition ... only uses food from M&S... and they dont just make cookies you know... these are M&S cookies (arf !).

Judging was by 3 independent men and 1 lady... they did not know who cooked what.

Judging was on 4 categories, yummy~ness, edible~ness, Likeness to Carol and Steve (two managers at work) and use of humour.

And they took it very serious... getting to my cookie they commented that the chocolate toffee drops were "too hard and chewy" ... gahhhh !!!!... I thought they were just chocolate drops !....

But any way.. onto the results...

3rd Martin
2nd Sharri
1st ME! ME! ME! ME!

Woot }:-0

Here is my award:

Mince Pies for Crimbo next !

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