Friday, 21 September 2007

Would Sir like a kick in the balls with his bill?....

I woke up in a good mood today ... it must be the light at the end of the tunnel that I can see !

Having already worked 40hrs this week I decided to have a lay in today... then pop to the pool to do a few lengths before work.

I did have a numpty moment as I stepped out of the hut... it was raining... and I almost didn’t go to the pool because I would get wet... then I realised I would get wet swimming anyway! (come on brain... wake up !).

Looks like my Sunday will be a visit to the Crocodile zoo, see some temples... then have traditional Chennai meal served on a banana leaf (Oh oh ! .... my brain is already panicking.... traditional food = traditional restaurant = strong chance of being sick !).

So.... made it to the meal out tonight ... very flash 5 star hotel ... we get seated in the corner.

As a few of the others were on the drink I had two bottles of Kingfisher.. helped myself to the average buffet and was then presented the bill.... £115?... not close !... just a smug over £400... where the hell did the extra £285 come from...

Well... I checked the bill and got a shock.... over £200 spent on Bacardi !... Jez... only a few of them may drink but they drowned the stuff like water... AT £8 A SHOT !... and to add insult to injury the there is an additional "Luxury tax" on top of that £8.... AND a further "Import tax" as well ... wtf... im gonna become a Bacardi Barron !.

But hey... it's on expenses... at the end we all left happy... I came back to the hotel in the mood for a drop of wine... but at £40 for a bottle of Rose or £30 for the House white I gave up !.

Did manage to get my hands on a code for the COD4 beta trials tho... so well happy... I just need my 360 now !...

(Oh... and in other news from the UK... my 360 chatpad has turned up !).

Laters !

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