Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Last day...

So…. My last day in Chennai… and a time to reflect.

Is it as bad as my first impressions?.


And im sorry for jumping to such quick conclusions.

Once you observe the place for two weeks and also get to see it close up with a local (Wipro worker !) in hand everything changes.

There is poverty, but the kids are happy, and even the poorest have food, water and education.

The dogs, goats and cows may roam free… but they are all respected and they belong to someone somewhere.

Everyone is so friendly… not once have I felt out of place… I have been made so welcome.

Water is scarce, and when you watch people they use it carefully to clean themselves, brush teeth and clean eating utensils, this is not an unhygienic country (but I will never get over the toilets in some places !)…. And to back this up I have been fine… and had no upset tummy, head aches or ear aches.

Some police might be corrupt, but there is freedom of speech that will soon stop all of this.

The same freedom of speech will also stop all this nonsense of “rustic” people having criminal sentences reduced.

I stopped using anti mosquito cream here … there are none.

Litter is still a major problem… but they run adverts trying to re-educate people about the problems this causes…

And the beggars?… well, yesterday the roads were grid locked… so I walked for 20 minutes through side and main streets to the Wipro office… not once did I get any beggars, or funny looks or anything… I was made to feel like every other bugger trying to make a living …. They say the beggars here are professionals who wait by tourist traps… and you know what… I recon it’s true.

Would I come back?...

Two weeks ago I would have said no … but now… yes I would, but only for a week… being here has made me realise how much I miss my family.

By the time you read this I’ll probably be rooting through Chennai’s duty free shop … arf !

Laters !

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