Saturday, 29 September 2007

The journey over & Night one

I will have to come back and retro fit some pictures ... I cant get them off my phone onto the hotels PC !...

So... we all finally meet up at the City Hotel near Liverpool Street train station... Mick was 1st at 8pm... Jon about 10pm... and I crawled in just before 1am.

We grabbed about 4 hours kip before heading off to catch the train to Harwich (I say "We" slept for 4hrs .. apparently I snored and it kept waking Mick up !).

You get to the ferry and getting on is so simple... I guess it helps that there were not many foot passengers... breeze straight on and head to the "Captains VIP Cabin" ... which turns out to be a God send on this journey:


The trip over was rough ... the Ferry was huge, with Cinema, casino, shops, etc etc.. but it was being given a real hammering... the crossing took an hour longer than expected and we spent most of our time laying down trying not to get sea sick !... only towards the end did it get smooth... I only managed two beers in the bar (shows you how bad it was !).

We had a quick look round Rotterdam last night ... its got plenty of shopping, loads of restaurants...

We checked out some of the surf shops then grabbed a Mexican before going for a schmoke... a quick beer, and ice cream ! :-)

Its a big place, but there was no trouble anywhere .. and luckily it was mild enough to sit outside with our beers and ice cream on the street and watch the world go by.

We hit the sack at 11pm last up at 7... just woken Mick up by mistake at 9... and Jon is nowhere to be seen...

Off to Utretch for the day to see what thats like...


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