Monday, 24 September 2007

iWoot :-)

How many times have you got off the plane and looked at all those men dressed in suits waving big name cards around with words like “IBM WELCOMES MR JOHN SMITH” or “THE BDS WELCOME HUGH CURRAN” and thought “one day, I wish that would happen to me” ?!...Well… my one day was on arrival to Chennai(!).

Chennai airport is weird… its small for such a huge city… but kicks any Mediterranean airport to the kerb just by the fact it has aircon enclosed tunnels from the plane … no dragging you stuff across the airport at midnight, sweating buckets to a bus here !.

As you skip the queue to clear passport control (for once, being European has a purpose !)… no standing in line with loads of Indian Nationals (and flying mid-week Business class was empty… so it’s like a Tesco’s advert…. Never more than two people in the queue !).

After getting your bags you walk through the empty airport to the exit … “pfffsssswiiiisssshhhh” (sorry, that’s a bad Star Trek door opening sound !) you get hit by:

  • Heat
  • Thousands of people all waiting for family, friends, to take your bag, to give you a taxi, etc etc !!!... I swear the line was 400 meters long … only towards the end of the line did I see it:





Woot !

There he was… short chap in a suit, black cap, white gloves in over 30 degrees Celsius with my sign !...

He takes my bags and walks me to his pride and joy (and believe me… this car is near the top of the Chennai “nice wheels mate” tree !).

A Honda Civic !

He opens my door… I step into a cabin pre cooled with aircon… he closes my door; loads my bags.

Next thing I know he opens the door again… and if by magic (your gonna like this… not a lot) he presents me with a cold flannel to cool down and a selection of ice cold drinks !.

Claire…. Take note .. when you collect me from Terminal 2 at Heathrow on Wednesday I want you holding a sign with my name on… a suit, white gloves and a hat !... don’t worry about the flannel… and mine is a cold Red Bull please.

This was one of those “the feeling in Andy getting his first chauffer…PRICELESS” moments for me…

Laters !


Anonymous said...

He looks embalmed. Sure he was alive?

I nearly came close to that in Heathrow a few years back. It was a posh taxi service but I came out the wrong door/floor & missed the geezer.

Anonymous said...

Thats what you get for drinking all day and staggering out of the aiport drunk LOL !

Either that or he did a runner as you were not a posh enough client !

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