Saturday, 22 September 2007

Ive been driving in my car....

Considering I only had two Kingfishers last night I dont half feel rough... and I had a bad nights sleep...

... Im gonna have trouble keeping this up for 4 days in Holland !

Driving in India...

The rules of the road are mix of British, Dutch, American and Indian flavours.

  • The British influence:

Cars are built correctly with the driver sitting on the Right.
Roads are built correctly, you drive on the left.
Stop signs, no entry, no left or right turn signs are available on the roads.

  • The Dutch influence

You drive in Kph not Mph.
Drivers from side roads have priority when pulling onto a main road.

  • The American Influence:

You can turn Left on a red light if the road is clear.

  • The Indian Influence:

Stop signs, no entry, no left or right turn signs brighten up the side of the road... just ignore them.
Traffic lights have a big digital count down next to them to show you when they will turn from Red to Green (that would be great for drag racing !).
Wing mirrors must be folded in or they will get knocked off... you know when someone is passing you... they will beep their horn.
When over taking beep your horn.
You can only undertake if you beep your horn and there are more than two lanes of traffic.
If you go past a child, cyclist, dog, goat (I forgot to say there are loads of goats on the road), cow or rickshaw... beep your horn, its not an insult... its just a warning.
When coming up to a width restriction, or when over taking, and a car is coming in the opposite direction in the middle of the road... who ever flashes their lights first gets right of way.
If your committed to a move and flash too late, and cant pull back in, put full beam on constantly... its means "mate, if you don’t pull over we are all gonna die !".
Speed limits are advisory.

  • What you must get if you’re driving in India:

Aircon?... it helps, but a soft top would give you a good tan.
Insurance?.... yes.
A big red flashing light ?... definitely ! ... these are given to government officials or judges... its gives you power to overtake and everyone pulls over... should you come to a red traffic light and there is a policeman there ... he will run into the junction and stop the traffic for you to jump the lights !.... Ace !.

All in all ... Pretty pimps really !.... I’m even tempted to ask to have a short go at driving myself :-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah im in, lol!!! I'll post something in a bit ok... ;o)

Anonymous said...

It can only be Numpty... I mean Daz! LOL !

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