Wednesday, 19 September 2007

It could be a village in Scotland !

Ive been following this in the Hindu Times over the last week:

1) Villagers in Vaishali were so angry at that police would not come out and apprehend thieves working in their village 300 locals took the law onto themselves... killing 10 thieves and putting an 11th in Hospital.

The local police never noticed this had taken place for 72hrs !

2) After investigating the situation the Police and local Government Official said Vigilantes would not be tolerated, and if it ever happened again every man in the village would be charged 5000Rps (£62).

3) All the Police and the local Government Official have been suspended after the bodies of the 10 dead thieves were found washed up on the banks of the river Ganga being eaten by crows and dogs... they were meant to arrange for them to be cremated, they told the locals to dump them instead !.

4) The same officials also shaved the heads to two children and paraded them in the Village after they stole some salt from a shop.

In other non related news:

An 18 year old boy has had his assault sentence reduced from 10yrs to 3yrs after appeal. The Court agreed to reduce the sentence as the boy was illiterate and rustic (WTF ?!).


Anonymous said...

Cheeky sod!!

If he's illiterate, will he know what the difference between 3 & 10yrs really is?

Anonymous said...

If you wernt so Rustic you would know the answer to that ! LOL :-0

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