Monday, 24 September 2007

In the mood...

Just found out after busting a gut to get work completed by last Friday my part of the Project has been put back 12 months.


Im gonna drink the house white wine here … it could be the most expensive wine I have ever drunk (£30 for the house white... and it’s a screw top !)… if its not the most expensive it’s very close to the top of my list… I need Colin or Jon to remind me what we paid for the wine in Malmo Sweden.

I’ve eaten slated Cashew nuts from the minibar and have a cheese burger on order.

Then im gonna watch Mr & Mrs Smith on Star Movies.

It’s been one of those rubbish days.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you'll need to go through all this again next year?

Anonymous said...

Probably ... but its good for airmiles !

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