Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Hotel...

You come into the hotel by car and are greeted by a man who opens your door, he takes you and your luggage to the check in desk where you sit down and are presented with a necklace made from shells off the private beech.

During the check in another person brings you a cool wet flannel and a selection of cold drinks to help you cool down.

The guys at work told me to try and get a Hotel room with a view of the beech... I failed :-(

I got a private beech hut instead ;-)

Full aircon and Wifi, mini bar, TV, garden with hamock etc. etc.
(There is a video tour at the bottom of this post).

Not far from the private beech !.

Nice pool.... (I'll be in that later if the rain keeps away !).

Just for Jon ;-) (And yes, I have been in it twice for an hour each time.... there is bugger all else to do here !).

And where I will eat dinner one Saturday night... mmmm fresh fish caught that day from the sea... looking forward to it!.

The food here is great, but full of fat and oil; its the same at the WIPRO office, I try and stick to the healthy stuff but its quiet hard.... the last two days I ate brekki and lunch and was so full of oil that I could not face dinner... so stick to an Apple and some Banana's each evening (left in the room each day).

But as its the weekend i'll skip lunch and try the above restaurant... I have a choice of four more if I don't like it... !

Everyone is so friendly, but its a bit odd that nearly all the staff call me "Mr Ross" How do they know my name?!... ive only been here a few days !.

Each day when I get back I put CNN on and read the complimentary copy of the "HINDU TIMES" ... im missing my music badly !.

There are three lizards in my hut... Tom and Jerry are smaller than Newts and live on my living area wall... the big fella is called Spike and I find him in the corner of the shower area... he's about the size of the kids rats !... I assume they are safe (I hope so !).

Ive not seen any mozzies yet... but the place has loads of Bats flying about in the evening (probably rabbid !).

And yes... they do Spa treatments here... not cheap, (about £15 for an hour of treatment)... but I feel the need for a one hour back massage coming on this weekend.... the mattress in the room is that funny foam type... it's firm and odd, I think my body needs to get used to it ... I do ache at the moment (well, that's my excuse !).

The guided tour !

Laters !


Anonymous said...

I fear for those tree's when you decide you use the hammock ;-p

Anonymous said...

;-) Yup, I weigh the same as 3 of the locals (in just one leg !)

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