Sunday, 16 September 2007

Have I become a snob?...

Well, my hopes of the City being better then where I am staying were dashed as the driver headed to the Spencer Plaza.

The filth and poverty just became more compact and more obvious... every time the car stopped young kids would run up to my window crying and begging for money.

When I got out the car it smelled like the Butts Centre (the old shopping centre in Reading from my youth ... once we smashed a few stink bombs :-) ).

And so we have Spencer Plaza "The largest shopping complex in South India", "400 shops - 3 floors", "Aircon and spotless", "Best known brands in the Country".... Hmmmm, my driver must have dropped me off at the wrong place... this Spencer Plaza was a dump.

3 floors of people saying "Yes Sir, Please Sir, Come in - Free to look" pointing at their shabby fake knock off goods .... when you say "no thanks" they cheerily wave good-bye and shout "You will go to the Devil" ... tell me something I don't know....

Of the shops I went into the prices were the same as back in the UK... if not more... and they only go up to size XL.... which for a European like me is "ahem" tight fitting... if your American forget it lard boy... ain't no way that Nike top is going over your gut !.

I saw some nice diamond 22carrot gold rings for £600 that Claire would like ... probably a bargain but im sure she would have something to say about it at that price !.

I guess if your a local and buy from local shops things are cheap... but I wont be going in those places.

Im starting to wonder about my guided shopping tour next weekend... I don't think I could face it again, they say breathing in the air in Chennai is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day... my clothes certainly stink after the trip.

So, there we have it... bit of a disaster.

The driver* was surprised at how quick I was back in the car... he keeps telling me next weekend he will take me to the crocodile zoo, or the snake zoo, see some temples, see the elephants ... yeah, whatever, im not in the right frame of mind for all that now. (* I'll post up soon about "my driver" !).

Still he's a nice chap, I brought him a top for each of his young kids (2 and 5) and a matchbox truck with car... im sure its all good gear for the kids here (it came from TATA... what DON'T they own in India ?!) ... but I know my two would have turned their noses up at the style !.

36hours after coming here I dropped an IM to some of my friends at work saying I was not sure about being here, sure the resort looks nice and the Wipro people are great, but its not my house and family.... 4 days later in know im ready to come home .... so, im gonna stick my head down, fill the days with work, the evening with a session in the small gym... listen to Techno and work some more in my beech hut.

Laters..... *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Not good mate, not good at all. Hopefully you've just got a touch of the away from home blues, & it picks up for you again.

I like the sound of this driver, very colonial. I take it the roads & driving are absolute mental?

Anonymous said...

I'll be posting about the driving soon !

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