Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Good bye, and thanks for the fish...

Well, 2 hrs and im out of the Hotel ... they have finally been able to bill the Pru direct for my stay ... and accidentally included the cost of the massage and wine ... result !...

The Wipro peeps gave me some CDs as a leaving present... they know how much I like my music.. so they got me the latest Hindi party albums...


Should be interesting :-)

I also had a behind the scenes tour of the Wipro office... the best bit was out the back... they have 30,000 gallons of diesel to run 6 power generators... these kick in should the power fail in the office... they produce enough power to run EVERYTHING (not just PC's) for 7 days solid.

They gave me some ear defenders and I stood next to one of the generators that was ticking over and supplementing the power coming off the National Grid ... OMG the power and low base vibrations it gave off was pretty amazing ... gave me goose bumps !.

Got a wedge of pictures to post up over the next few days... but for now there will be a slight gap.. i'll then give some info. re my Holland trip...

Time to pack ... woot !

Laters !

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