Monday, 24 September 2007

Fly away Peter, fly away Paul ...etc.

My posts are gonna jump about a bit now... sorry ! ... today we talk Business Class travel..

Is it worth it?..... or do Ryanair have a better solution to air travel ....the answer... do they f*** !

When you fly business class in the UK or to Europe you go on a smallish plane, the difference to economy is that you sit two people across and not three.

You also have metal cutlery to eat your food with... no plastic knives and forks !.

But that’s it... not worth the cash.

I’ve never flown Business class long haul ... and I have to say... next time I fly to America the kids can sit economy and entertain themselves while Claire and I go Business class :-)

I stood at the gate in Frankfurt Airport and looked at the huge 747 sat outside....

I then looked at the sea of a thousand of people (* hence why I was standing) that were gonna fill that plane up... my heart sank... it would take age's to get on the plane.

But then the tannoy sparks up "Can all First and Business class board to the left", "everyone else board to the right" .... that’s when I noticed two gangways being used... ace ! .... I drifted past the hundreds of sweaty poor people to the door at the front of the plane.

So.. on board are 2 seats to the side... or 3 if your in the middle ... im at the side, sat down, thumbing through the technical manual for the Knight Rider style seat im sat in !...

30 seconds later .... found the back massager button.... ooooooo yeah that’s good !
45 seconds later .... I have tried the three basic seat settings (sat up, reclined, bed).
2 minutes later I have figured out how to tweak the chair settings and program it into memory... so if I need to sit up and eat I can get back to "just right" at the push of a button.
2mins 20 seconds... the food tray is out and put back away ... very important the food tray :-)
3 mins later... okay that’s the chair for the entertainment unit

Loads of radio stations
Loads of films
Loads of TV stations
Loads of (rubbish) computer games

All on a 12"(ish ?... could have been more) screen ... and you get a proper set of cans for your ears.

I stretch my legs... I cant touch the chair in front... and even if they recline they don’t move back... the chairs are in self contained unit things... the space is excellent.

So, I got to watch my three films.

Hot Fuzz... yeah, good film
Shrek ... okay
Pirates of the Caribbean .... great effects, rubbish film

For lunch and dinner you have a choice of three menus... they show you them first so you can make your mind up which to eat ... all served with lots of free booze (if you want it)..... and for good measure you have lots of free booze between meals !

They also bring round hot towels if you need to refresh, give you pillows, blankets etc... but no more little travel bags that my parents used to collect :-(

I was chatting to a chap at the hotel about flying BA as their Business Class looks even better than Lufthansa ... he had flown direct from Heathrow and said that the Long Haul planes to India had not been upgraded to the new chairs and entertainment units etc. so it was not that great.... sounds like I got a good deal in the end.

Worth a grand more on the price of a ticket ?.... hell yeah !

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