Thursday, 13 September 2007

First thoughts....

... before I get onto the hotel, drivers and odd things I have seen I need a good nights sleep...

Just wanted to quickly post up my initial thoughts of India.

I was expecting something different to what greeted me... Chennai is the 4th largest City in India, I thought it would be progressive and "newish"... how wrong I was.

I sit in my posh room when only a few hundred meters away there is squallar, rubbish, people sleeping rough at the edge of the road.

Dogs roam the streets, children scratch through the dirt looking for whatever they can find.

People queue to use a water pump while old houses collapse round them.

It reminds me of a poor African nation rather than a up and coming international power.

It will be interesting to see if its any different when (if !) I get into the City (im about 25Km from the centre).

I promise my next posts will be more up beat !

Nite !

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