Saturday, 30 July 2016

Maidenhead Beer Festival

Worked the bar at Maidenhead beer festival, small but perfect venue, some great beers on offer, but no soft drinks for drivers (me!) that is minus 1 point... still, i'll be back next year to pull pints, so can't be all bad !

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Reis naar Amsterdam

Spent a long weekend in Amsterdam away from the kids, used my Wyndham rewards to stay in the rather nice Ramada Apollo (Amsterdam Centre), just a short tram ride into the town centre, but with lots of local shops and restaurants (and a hash cafe!) if you wanted to stay local.

Great view from the hotel.

The plan was to keep off the touristy bits, and to also grab the train and spend a day at Zandvoort, unfortunately all train lines between Amsterdam and Zandvoort were closed while we were there !, so caught the tram to one the urban beach's.

Afraid to say we did do a canal ride, but it was good... spent a lot of time in the "outer rings", well worth an explore if you are bored of the red light district.

  Why?... who would buy such a thing?!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Missing the moo moo

So, June, and finally my time in Bournemouth is over, on my penultimate week I book my mountain bike on the train, only to turn up at Bournemouth station and find all trains cancelled!, I lock the bike up at the station and get the bus replacement service.

A few days later I am back for my final week.... and my bike is gone!... thieving gits !

Still, I have my hybrid bike, and decide to sign up for the Palace to Palace charity bike ride in a few months time, I have never cycled more than 5 miles at a time! (between home and work) so start going a longer 12 mile route home after work.

Also did the 35 mile Wokingham Bikeathon, my legs held up surprising well!, it helped that I made friends with a group of 4 similar aged, IT background, guys to tag along with... helped the time, and miles, fly by.

Popped over to Hickstead to try and watch the jumping, and it rained, and rained, AND RAINED... and then there was thunder and lightning and wind.... Claire and I got soaked.... that explains the empty stands !

Also said a sad goodbye to Muttley, 11 years young, leaving a hairy 35Kg hole in my life 😢

Chewy also misses Muttley, but not enough to stop photobombing Cracker and ball killing !

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Don't call him Shirley!

Spent most of my time in May on the rather enjoyable Mad Max game

Finally convinced Claire to get a flat screen TV for the living room, eBay 24hr special, £170, if it is no good i'll use it for the Xbox :-)

And of course... more walks with the doggies !

Thursday, 31 March 2016

March be like....

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 Miss reading twitter and thinking of Dungeons & Dragons
 Peanut butter jelly

 Kids only using me for food, money and lost & found services....


Lebanese beer

MMmmmmmm bacon !

 Aliens in the Asda carpark

The whole Birmingham IMAX screen to yourself for the Deadpool movie

Davis Cup in Birmingham for GB vrs Japan (Claire was happy as Andy Murray was playing !)

 Bored at work
 Home made horse mounting steps

Chewy turning 7

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Saturday, 6 February 2016

NZXT Build with custom paint job

So this build is by Haydon for his own PC, concentrating on looks more than pure gaming grunt...

First up, choose a case with a big window, great cabling options and lots of space... meet the NZXT H440

Next the black is going to be replaced by blue, so grab some spray cans and do some testing...
Then cover up the black with a primer base coat and build up layers of blue and prey for no drips lol

Black air flow grill at the top of the case left in white.

Went for air cooling over water cooling, mainly because of price... quick spray of blue, this thing is sooo quiet.  (Thermalright Macho Rev.B)

Custom white and white / blue cables (with white connectors) from

SSD added for fast boot, 1TB Hybrid HDD added for storage.

NZXT Hue+ added for internal lighting.

Vapor X was my bargain find for Haydon, so much graphic power for a stupidly low price (flash sale from Novatech of all people !... £200 off, schweeeeet 😀😀).

Lights, camera, action !

Haydon is happy, the house stinks of spray paint and some paint might have got on the kitchen table (the wife is not impressed lol).

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